In 1994 (the year I started with Premay, which was the same year Mullen acquired Premay – Mullen’s first acquisition as a public company), if you asked me where I would be today, being part of the leadership group of one of the most successful service companies in Canada would not have been my response. To what do I owe this great success?  It’s Simple.  To begin with, it starts by working for an organization with values that align with my own; next, working for an organization that genuinely believes people are their most important resource; and finally, working for an organization where your opportunities for growth are only limited by your individual willingness to improve yourself.

At Mullen, our strategy is simple – we operate a decentralized business model and we expect all of our business units to continuously pursue Operational Excellence. This sounds like a simple model but few companies have been able to replicate this concept. Why has it worked at Mullen? Because we know strong leadership is the focal point of every successful company, which is why we have invested extensively in the leadership development of our people.  Leadership equals accountability and operating decentralized, self-managed business units means that we hold the leadership groups in each of our business units accountable for their own success – leadership works!


Moreover, continuously pursuing Operational Excellence brings tremendous clarity to what we expect from our business units. To me, Operational Excellence means that everything matters – every single interaction with our 20,000 customers’ matters and every dollar we spend matters. We will operate our business in a way that is safe, reliable, cost-efficient and environmentally responsible – our shareholders should expect nothing less.

My personal commitment to all of our stakeholders remains that of Excellence in Safety and Superior Profitability and I will work with each and every one of our business units to ensure that they strive for the same.