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Drilling related services

The oil and natural gas industry represents a crucial segment of the economy providing businesses and consumers with a wide range of energy supplies and related products.  Generally speaking, the industry is divided into two segments: upstream, which refers to oil and natural gas exploration, drilling and well completions; and downstream, referred to as the processing, refining and marketing portion of the industry. 

Mullen Group's Oilfield Services segment consists of 16 Operating Entities that utilize their highly trained personnel and equipment to provide specialized transportation services, drilling, well-servicing and dewatering services to the oil and natural gas industry.  These services include transporting of oversize and overweight shipments, drilling rig relocation services, conductor pipe setting, core drilling, casing setting, the transportation, handling, storage and computerized inventory management of oilfield fluids, tubulars and drilling mud, pipe stockpiling and stringing, a broad range of services related to the processing and production of heavy oil, including well servicing and handling, transportation and disposal of fluids, as well as frac support, dredging, water management, dewatering and pond reclamation services. These services are collectively referred to as Oilfield Services and can be generally grouped into four categories: Drilling Services, Specialized Services, Production Services and Drilling Related Services.

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