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If you wish to apply for a position at Mullen Group we will need to know some information about you.  Much of this information will consist of your personal information and will include such items as your name, address, e-mail address, work history, educational history, references, credentials and the types of positions you are interested in.  As well, during any interview process you may be asked questions and your responses may reveal additional personal information. 

All of this personal information will be used as part of our recruitment process in making a decision on whether or not to make an offer of employment to you.  As well, we will use your contact information to inform you of our hiring decision, to ask for further information and to contact you to let you know of other potential opportunities, including opportunities at Mullen Group's business units and related companies.

We will restrict access to this personal information within Mullen Group to our human resources and recruitment personnel within the business unit that has the job opening.  If the job opportunity is with one of Mullen Group's business units or related companies, then your personal information will be disclosed to that business unit or related company (and to their human resources and recruitment personnel within the relevant business unit) for the sole purpose of their consideration of your potential employment.

If you provide any references we may contact those references without any further notice to you.  We will assume that in providing those references, you have consented to us contacting them.  In contacting those references we may collect additional personal information about you as it may relate to your potential employment at Mullen Group.

We will not contact your current employer without your consent, unless you have listed someone at your current employer as a reference.  In contacting any previous employer we may collect additional personal information about you as it may relate to your potential employment at Mullen Group.

We will keep any personal information relating to your interest in employment at Mullen Group for a period of six months and, subject to any pre-existing legal requirements, we will then delete the information.  If you want this information deleted before then or if you do not want us to contact you about other potential opportunities, let us know by e-mail to hr@mullen-group.com 

In addition to the above, your personal information collected in connection with your potential employment at Mullen Group will be subject to our Privacy Policy, which can be found at Privacy Policy.

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