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The Mullen Group is one of Canada’s largest organizations. Today, we operate approximately 4,400 trucks and power units, 47 drilling rigs and thousands of pieces of equipment that support our specialized service offerings in Western Canada’s thriving energy sector. We have approximately 6,000 employees, owner-operators and independent sub-contractors.

The roots of our organization date back to 1949 when Roland Mullen, the founder of the Mullen Group, ventured out on his own as a young man with little more than one small truck and a desire to serve a couple of customers in rural Alberta.

This entrepreneurial spirit remains with us today and is the fundamental reason that the Mullen Group is successful. Through our independently operated business units, 26 of them in fact and growing every year, we travel the highways and traverse the back roads to deliver a wide range of special services to thousands of customers in the energy sector.

But it is our people who are the custodians of our business. We know that it is people – not companies – who provide customer service. That’s why we’re so passionate about creating a great organization and a great place where our people can excel. A place where people are empowered to do their jobs well, are motivated to provide superb customer service and are able to do it all in a safe work environment. In fact nothing is more important to all of us here at Mullen than the safety of our employees. That’s why we provide good equipment, excellent training programs and hire only the very best.

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